Travel 2 : June 2018

8-day trek along the Atlantic south coast, from Mirleft to Dakhla.

For the second time we travel down the coast, now from Mirleft to Dakhla. The first part is parallel to our trip in March. The second part, from the Lagoon of Naila to Dakhla is new. The second part is mainly a discovery trip to the possibilities … what is there to see, to experience, which walks we can make, where can we put the tents for the night …

Tuesday, June 19, we land in Agadir. Lahcen ‘our driver’ is already waiting for us and takes us to Mirleft. First drop off the luggage in the holiday home, then to the town. A first exploration of the center and a fresh fruit juice. In the evening in our house a delicious tagine prepared by Brahim.

Day 1 : Wednesday, June 20

Route : Mirleft – Sidi Ifni – Sidi Ouarzik – Twigadit

Morning walk on the clifs of Mirleft
At the end of the cliffs … a sleeping fisherman (?) is completely absorbed in the landscape

After an extensive Moroccan breakfast in a café a visit to the souks in the main street of Mirleft.

Because our cars are not loaded yet, we walk via the asphalt road towards Sidi Ifni. A little later we are picked up and drive to Sidi Ifni.

First explore the fish market…
and a tagine with fresh fish for lunch…
The football World Cup : Morocco against Portugal… unfortunately Portugal wins.
Waiting in the sun…
or in the shadow of the bus…

We continue. A short stop on the beach of Sidi Ouarzik. A fisherman makes a new net, craftsmanship!
Off-road to Tacomba. Abdollah guides us up and down the cliffs, over the rocks, along a beach, ….

The walk.
Twigadit, our second camp.

Brahim serves us ‘Moroccan whiskey’ (= tea) with cookies.
In the evening (late) enjoy a tasty tagine (vegetables, potatoes and camel meat).

Day 2: Thursday, June 21

Route : Twigadit – Plage Blanche – Cap Draa

Our camp in the morning.


Morningwalk on the beach.
Breakfast with a view of the sea.
The tent is set up in 2′, fold in ? minutes …

There is coming help…
With united force…
Brahim looks at the scene with a smile.
Off-road we reach Plage Blanche.
We are dropped at Plage Blanche to continue by feet for a few hours.
Plage Blanche, a sandy beach of 40 km long, on our right the sea, on our left sand dunes.

Just take a look what lies behind the sand dunes … dune up, dune down, a more bigger effort than thought… A big flat area …
A break on the way back to the beach ….
Picnic on the beach … Moroccan bread filled with fish, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, onions,… Very tasty!
After a few hours Lahcen picks us up with the car. Walid is waiting for us … We continue on the beach. There follows a long drive through the flat land, bumping in the sand and over the low shrubs.
Walid easily drives up the slope….


After trying three times, Lahcen releases the tires from his car … we hold our breath, and yes this time it works!
We can drive on …
A stop for the beautiful view …

Upon arrival at Cap Draa, our second camp, our ‘men’ go fishing immediately …

Day 3 : Friday, June 22

Route : Cap Draa – El Ouatia – Ma Fatma

Morning walk to the lagoon of the Draa.
The lagoon.
On the beach…. an animal or a plant?
And a rolled up fishing net.
… and back.
One of our fishermen caught a nice rye …

Abdollah is making our breakfast.
Washing the dishes.
Loading … not everyone is active …
Along the way we taste camel milk. Occasionally we see stalls where milk is for sale, an initiative of the government to provide work.
El Ouatia. Our men do the shopping (and admire the fish) while we explore the town.
A late lunch.

We continue to Ma Fatma. Our third camp.
The cars stand a bit further away.

Short evening walk along the river Ma Fatma … strange rock formations, back in the camp just after sunset.

Enjoying a tasty tagine with candlelight!

Day 4 : Saterday, June 23

Route : Ma Fatma – Sidi Akhfennir – Lagune van Naila

After breakfast we walk on the cliffs towards El Oautia. From time to time we catch a glimpse of the cliffs. After half an hour the cars pick us up.

Le Trou du diable’ d’Akhfenir: a gorge with a diameter of 25 to 30 meters, and a depth of almost 30 meters, where the waves have formed arches over the course of thousands of years.
After a ride of about 30 km we arrive in the Lagoon of Naila, a wonderful nature reserve.
Waiting for permission from the authorities to camp in the reserve…
And wait…
Meanwhile we start a cruise in the lagoon … It is stunning!

Few birds … a lot of flamingos …
Picnic on the dunes.
A little later we can unload our suitcases … we are allowed to camp!!!

Rest first…
Then a walk along the water from the lagoon to the sea …

A fisherman explains us how he use the stick, the stone and the fishing net…
Low rocks on the beach.
The sun is going down…

The dunes are beautiful during the sunset.
Prepare dinner in a wind-free spot …

Day 5 : Sunday, June 24

Route : Lagune van Naila – Tarfaya – Awziwalt

In the morning, fishermen in the lagoon.
And where the sea and the lagoon meet each other…
The calm water of the lagoon and the waves of the sea, beautiful!

Morning walk in the lagoon … (the cloud cover is constantly changing)
A refreshing dive …

Return to the mainland at noon.

The rest of our team is coming.
Unloading everything.

Five kilometers after Naila we see a salt lake. We take a look at the salt production.

A next stop … camel buttermilk proves to be very nutritious, but perhaps too havy for tourists’ stomachs …
We continue to Tarfaya. We have a look at Casa del Mar … by the flood we can not enter.

… to the museum and monument in honor of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (the writer of ‘Le Petit Prince’) … Little impressive.
After a long drive we reach the beach of Awziwalt. It is already dark and the car gets stuck in the sand. We set up the tents in the dark.

Day 6 : Monday, June 25

We stay two nights at the beach of Awziwalt.

Curious how the beach looks in the morning…

After breakfast we drive back 18 km to visit Boujdour. First the souks, then walking around in the town …

Turkeys and chickens.
Shop window.

Back in the camp … a lot of activity …
In the eve a long walk between two boatwrecks, with and against strong wind.

The boatwrecks have something mysterious … unfortunately they are broken down one by one.
A beautiful sunset …

Day 7 : Tuesday, June 26

Route : Awziwalt – Dakhla

Morning, it is quiet in the camp …. just wait for breakfast …
Around 10 am breakfast in the shelter of the car because of the strong wind.
After breakfast, cleaning up and leaving … we have a long way ahead.
The straight roads, the trucks and the petrol stations are very African (this is the only way to Mauritania). From time to time a view of beautiful beaches. We take a lunch at a petrol station. Around 7pm we arrive in Dakhla, we stay the next two nights in an apartment.

Day 8: Wednesday, June 27

Our trip ends with in the morning a visit to Dakhla (it is quiet in the town and there is not much to see) and in the afternoon a walk in the lagoon of the kite surfing.

There is always a strong wind in Dakhla, it’s a paradise for kitesurfers.

The whirling sand pricks our legs …
In the evening on the corniche (the seawall), it is more cozy in the town …
We taste the twist potato, a long curly chip on a stick.

Day 9 : Dakhla – Agadir – Charleroi

In the morning at 8 am a flight to Agadir, in the afternoon a flight to Charleroi … Unfortunately there was no time to do excursions around Dakhla, a reason to return ….