Discover Moroccan South Coast is a tourism business that offers trekkingguidance and transport on quite a few numbers of tours and excursions in Morocco.

This tourism company is a collaboration between Lahcen, Oualid (Morocco) and Veerle (Belgium) and believes above all in competence, safety and strong working ethics towards the clients. (Lahcen and Walid have years of experience with their personal company in organizing all kinds of journeys in Morocco: desert trips, cultural trips, tours,… Veerle regurlarly  travels to Morocco, individually, with friends or with groups)

We propose several excursions and tours in Morocco suitable for all kinds of people: family holidays, school vacations, older people, photographers, people who like fishing, etc.

Our departure locations ar moreover Marrakech or Agadir but we are also open to pick-up services around Morocco.

If you have any special tours demands please feel free to contact us for further inquire and information. We are happy to satisfy your needs and personal requirements. Our professional team of drivers and guides are fully capable of satisfying all your requests and make your stay in Morocco as comfortable, safe and memorable as possible.