Travel 1 : March 2018


In an unique way we explored a part of the South Coast: a combination of hiking, a 4×4 and free camping. Walking with or without a guide along the coast, sometimes on a sandy beach, sometimes over the rocks, sometimes on the cliffs… With the 4×4 on quiet roads or off-road through beautifull landscapes to bridge the great distances… Staying in tents in full nature, going to sleep and getting up with the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves… Every morning a Moroccan breakfast, dinner prepared on charcoal, something different on the menu every night… short stops in the villages to buy food and just to sniff out the atmosphere… and little or no tourism, only fishermen on our way… It tastes like more.

Furthermore I tell our experiences with the photos below…

Day 1

Route : Mirleft – Sidi Ifni -Sidi Ourzik – Twigadit (Tacombo)

Morning walk on the beach of Mirleft


In the morning to the weekly market of Mirleft on Monday


From Mirleft to Sidi Ifni. No fish at the fish market of Sidi Ifni (sea too turbulent), so camel meat for dinner.


The walk


Arrival in Twigadit (in the region of Tacomba), our first campsite. We have to put up the tent in the rain, luckily it is not cold.


Walid and Lahcen, our ‘drivers’ try to catch fish for our dinner tomorrow … unfortunately …


We make brojets of the marinated camel meat, and roast them on charcoal. Delicious, especially the piece of fat from the hump is surprisengly tasty!


Day 2

Route :Twigadit – Plage Blanch – Aoreora – Cap Draa

Our camp in the morning.


A morning walk to discover the Aourora lagoon.


Off-road to Plage Blanche, the longest sandy beach of Morocco (40 km)


We are dropped off at the beach. We make a walk of three hours on the beach. We don’t meet people, only the seagulls accompagny us.


Our ‘driver Lahcen’ picks us up and we continue on the beach with the 4×4. A few kilometers further Walid is waiting for us…
Just consult with each other…

Now we have a wonderfull ride through beautifull nature and landschapes to Cap Draa, the mouth of the Draa, the longest river in Morocco.


Set up tents and drink tea …

Prepare the food …
On the menu: duckbill mussels, freshly picked from the rocks and cooked, a delicicacy right out of the sea.

Followed by a vegetable tajine …


Day 3

Route : Cap Draa – Tan-Tan – El Ouatia – Sidi Akhfenir

Our camp … after one hour walk to the right we meet the mouth of the Draa, the longest river in Morocco.


Ideal for a quiet morning walk on a sandy beach
After breakfast a walk to the left of the camp … a wild coast with rocks and a turbulent sea shows us beautifull scenes.

A short visit to our fishermen …

Nice catch! Proud fishermen!

Abdollah cleans the fish before we move on …
First blow the tires …
And we drive on, first off-road along wide landscapes to Tan-Tan, after with a quiet asphalt road south to El Ouatia.

A short stop in El Ouatia to buy some food and to do a little walk in the village.
Just before Sidi Akhfenir it goes off-road again to the sea to search a place for our camp at the mouth of the river ez-zahar.
Lookig for a nice place for our tents … or is it looking for a place to fish?

After lunch (roasted fish and a fresh salad) we make a walk in the surroundings of the camp. For dinner : a tagine with the fresh fish …

Day 4

Route : Sidi Akhfenir – Lagoon of Naila – El Ouatia – Tan-Tan – Guelmin – Oasis of Tighmert

Our camp on the cliffs at the mouth of the river Ma Fatma.

Fisherman’s houses
Morning walk of two hours left and right of the campsite.

Retrieving the traps …
Unfortunately no fish …
Arrival in the lagoon of Naila, the largest lagoon of the Moroccan coast, a beautifull nature reserve.
Three hours of sailing and floating in the lagoon (our boatman).
The fisherman’s material an our picknick in Abdollah’s fishbasket, which he made himself

Walking on the dunes …
Abdollah prepares the fishing lines …
Picknick on the boat.
Walid takes a refreshing dive …
But how do you get back into the boat???
With some help …

A lot of birds …
The rods cleaned up, we sail further …
… back to the jetty.
On the way way we can tast ‘camel buttermilk’.
It was already dark when we reached one of the sources of the oasis. We set up the tents in the light of the car. Then we eat a tasty meal with ‘kefta’, vegetables and bread.


Day 5

Route : Oasis of Tighmert – Sidi Ifni – Mirleft

Early in the morning, waking up in the fog.
Morning walk, exploration of the domain around the camp … afraid of getting lost …

Beautifull and mysterious.
After a while we follow the sound of running water, suddenly the source appears, incredible, a hot spring (one of the two sources of the oasis of Tighmert)
Clearing up the camp, and then the sun breaks through the mist … after an hour a blue sky. Back to the civilized world …
Tasty Moroccan breakfast in a local café.
Together with the guide Salam we explore the oasis of Tighmert, about 700 families do agriculture between the many palm trees.

We visit a kasbah of three centuries old, now a museum.
And we get explanation from Salam.

The visit ends with Moroccan tea and a friendly chat with the owner. The kasbah was built by his over-, over-, over-, … grandfather and passed on from father to son.

On the way from Guelmin to Sidi Ifni.

A quick picknick on the way …
Arrival at two o’clock in Sidi Ifni, a short visit to the beach, and we drive on to the beach of El-Gzira.
The beach of El-Gzira : a beautifull beach, where due to ebb and flow enormous arches are formed in the rocks.

Last ride for today and end of our ‘trekking’: back to Mirleft, just in time to enjoy a beautifull sunset.

Next day

Before we leave to Marrakech we take a morning walk on the cliffs of Mirleft.