Travel 3 : April 2019

(in progress)

If the first and second “trekking” (March 2018 and June 2018) were rather to look for the possibilities, this time it was for “real”. With a group of friends, three drivers and two cooks, we did about the same route as in March 2018. This time no day-by-day report, but atmospheric images of the “trekking”. The first day we stayed in Mirleft (2 nights in a house), then 6 days with the tents, thereupon one night hotel in the oasis of Tighmert and finally one more night in a house in Mirleft.

Our camp sites …

Plage Blanche. The tents are sheltered from the dunes, it’s a little too windy to camp with a view of the sea.
Ma Fatma. The sea is wild, the waves crash against the cliffs, so a mist forms.
Lagoon of Naila. Two nights, we enjoy the silence, the sea and the desert … Our drivers Lahcen, Walid, Smaïel and cook Abdullah are fishing day and night…

Some of the walks …

We start in the morning from Mirleft with a walk south along the coast. We are picked up at Beach Aftas.

The pick up has a flat tire and blocks the road of the 4x4s. A long walk to the next camp site …

Abdullah guides us along a rocky coast.
Beach walk to the lagoon of the Draa.

The pick-up has a second flat tire, while we are waiting for help we decide to to picnic and after the picnic to follow the (dry) river to the sea. A beautiful walk with a nice surprise at the end: a beach with strange rock formations. And then the walk back …

Morning walk south. Later we are picked up by our drivers.

Walk on Plage Blanche.

Walk in the (dry) river near the hot spring spring of Tighmert.

Landscapes …

Along the Ma Fatma river.
The lagoon of Naila.
The lagoon of Naila.
The lagoon of Naila with the setting sun.
Riverbed near the oase of Tighmert and the hot spring.

Nature …

Toxic but beautiful jellyfish on the beach (Portuguese Man o’ War Jellyfish).

Flocks of birds (Plage Blanche).
Lagoon of Naila.

The kitchen …

Moroccan breakfast in the morning, usually a picnic in the afternoon and a tasty and varied ‘dinner’ prepared by our chefs Smaïl and Abdullah in the evening. And in between tea and snacks …

The kitchen (camp in the lagoon of Naila).
Aperitif: whiskey Berber (tea) with nuts and cookies.
A breakfast.
A picnic.

A lunch.
Lunch (Plage Blanche).
Our chefs: Abdullah and Smaïl are bringing tea.
The last evening, in our lodge in Mirleft, we enjoy a large dinner full of goodies straight from the sea, together with our Moroccan team.

On the way …

Visit to the beach of El-Gzira.
Flat tire.